What is Essex Insight?


The aim of Essex Insight is to share a wide range of information with the public and organisations that operate in Essex. The information covers a number of themes, including Children and Young People, Health and Wellbeing, Crime and Community Safety.

Essex Insight provides the tools to allow:

  • Residents to give us their views by joining in surveys and consultations. This helps us to develop plans, strategies and services which meet the needs of people in Essex.
  • Businesses and public service organisations to find the evidence to support decisions. Essex Insight has mapping tools and reporting tools to help people to analyse and report on data.               

How Essex Insight is used

People, businesses and public service organisations might use Essex Insight for different reasons.

  • A resident may use Essex Insight to provide their views in a survey to shape future services.
  • A business or private organisation may use Essex Insight to understand what their community needs are to identify where to target resources.
  • A voluntary organisation or charity may use Essex Insight to prepare a funding bid to implement a new intervention or target audience.
  • A public services organisation may use intelligence from Essex Insight to support a plan or target resources to improve services for Essex residents.


Essex Insight has a number of benefits including:

  • Improving access to evidence used to support decision-making, including access to the Public to assist with local decision-making.
  • Improving services to people in Essex such as Health Care, Children’s Services and Crime and Disorder related services.
  • Supporting organisations to work together and share information to:
    •  achieve better outcomes for people in Essex.
    • make sure work is only done once and shared across organisations.          
  • Supporting statutory requirements to share information such as Crime and Disorder data to comply with (SI) 1831.

We want to understand what the wider benefits are and ask you to complete our survey.

Who we are ...

We are the Essex Partnership and are made up of organisations that work together to improve the lives of people living, working and travelling within Essex.

Essex Insight provides a way for organisations to work more closely together and share information more widely.

Organisations share information, reports and data, develop sections on the site and use the data to support their aims.

These organisations include: Essex Police, Essex Fire, Essex Probation, Public Health, Essex District, Borough and City Councils, Active Essex, University of Essex and Essex County Council.

Essex County Council also provides Partnership training and supports the management and administration of the system.